Monday, August 18, 2008

Dances of Vice, Time Travelers Festival, THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday nite, selling my shiny things.

Dances of Vice Festival Website

Here are some pieces I made especially to debut at the festival:

P1170257 P1170108 P1170212

Why haven't you bought your ticket yet? Get a move on!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sea Lion Luv

P1160896 - Sea Lions

P1160894 - Sea Lions

Turquoise, brown lava, sterling, and wood.

ZOMG so cute!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crazy, Crazy Summer

Soooooo... Yeah, I haven't been a very good blogger the last few months. But lots of things have been happening! Really! Most of it is real life issues, but plenty of jewelry and experiments as well.

For starters my gallery is almost complete! Muahahahaha! It's been a lot of work to rephotograph pieces, and then get them organized in some cohesive fashion. But I'd like to think my photo skillz are improving.

Second, I ran a photoshoot where many of my friends modeled jewelry in a variety of costumes and outfits. I wanted to drive home that I can do work for the office and the masquerade, and some can be worn for both. (Go to the gallery website and check out "Models" ;-)

Third, I've been experimenting with a LOT of polymer clay. Plenty of evidence of it on my website, but I'll give you some shots of my polymer clay work on Etsy:

There was also the Totally Normal Event in June, and now I'm working on the Dances of Vice Festival in August and The Salon Convention in September. I have some really interesting creations coming together for these :-)

After that, nothing scheduled until Wicked Faire 4 in February, but real life is going to get craaazy busy again.

So please enjoy the shinies :-)

Luv, Chrysilla