Thursday, October 7, 2010

Present and accounted for!

I'm still here! I just needed an extended break from most of my usual habits and responsibilities, so I could build them back up into something more functional. Beadwork got heaped into the "keep" pile, thank goodness.

I also had a creative block for a couple of months, but divine intervention and financial pressure is getting me back into gear again. I'll feel that much better just working on work to sell again, even if my sales don't actually increase. Every little bit helps these days.

My latest project is experiments with wire wrapping. I own a variety of un-drilled objects, collected over many years, that I would rather see added to jewelry than collecting dust in a bowl on my dresser. Mostly semiprecious stones and the like.

And wire is kicking my butt so far, especially free-form. The more exact a pattern I have to work with the nicer the outcome.

It is often a good thing to run into an artsy technique that you suck at. Builds character and if/when I finally get it, I will understand it that much better.

I tried putting my seed bead kit back together last night, but could not find my thread. I don't remember the last time I made a new spiral necklace. But I've completely scaled back on in-person sales, and they haven't been at all popular on Etsy, so there is not a big rush to work on them again. Although I would like to finish up all of my seed bead supplies. The seed bead kit was also convenient to take to work for my lunch breaks. If only I could find my thread...

There was a big push in my life to clean up my home. It has remained very tidy for weeks. Setting up my light box for more photos will not be as big of an ordeal as it used to be. But first I need to make more shiny things to photograph.

Cya soon!