Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming Out of Hibernation!

Hello! I am still alive.

Actually, I feel a bit more alive today than I did in August. Not sure if its the weather (not all that much different yet), the return to my normal school-year work schedule, the receding of allergy season, or my new vitamins. Either way, I hope it lasts.

Since my last posting, I have:

  • Learned to use my sewing machine. Sewing became very satisfying (albeit time consuming, OMG) in the midst of my creative block. As long as I was pattern sewing, I didn't have to be any more creative than "What color fabric do I want?" and yet I was making things. I may show off a few items I've made here as soon as I figure out how to photograph them.
  • Started writing a web-radio series, and then dribbled to a halt due to heat melting my brain. But I'm picking that up again too! It has much potential to be awesome.
  • Left my improv practice team. I really like performing teh improv, but it is very time consuming, and I miss my other projects. I also miss going to watch improv as a humble audience member. But I'm still on their mailing list, so I look forward to seeing them perform in the future :-) I am in a short term class right now (which actually relates to the web-radio show), not sure if I will take more classes in the future. Cash is a leetle tight right now.
  • Picked up a folding table for my sewing habit, but it also looks like a good set up for the light box I photograph jewelry with.
  • Recieved some conical shaped bud vases which may work well for photographing bracelets. One of the reasons I don't make more bracelets is that I find them tough to photograph.
  • Taken lots of naps.
  • Attended DragonCon. I was somewhat sick, stressed, and sleep deprived, but I still had a mostly good time. And the con itself helped me realize how I want to prioritize my non-job time for the next few months.

A big theme in my life now is whether I can balance *making* art with *performing* art. I like doing both, but I think now I want to focus more on the making.

I took all of August off from social activities, with a couple exceptions, to rest. There was a really crazy late winter-into-spring period that I hadn't given myself a chance to recover from, and August usually melts my brain, so I just holed up in my Chantry and watched Star Trek. Once allergy season blows over, I hope this helps renew my stamina.

And thanks to a month of reflection and a weekend of DragonCon, I am going to prioritize jewelry, my writing project, and starting Tai Chi classes. After that come sewing, watching improv, and getting back to the cultural activities I used to enjoy (costume parties, readings, etc), cash flow allowing.

But this blog will of course be devoted to the jewelry :-) If I can start this week, I should have photographs up by October. Yay!

Right now I'm planning to do some work on a gothy color palette (I have a ton of onyx in storage), develop a new polymer clay project, edit an old polymer clay project, make more Game of Thrones pieces, and work on more talismans.

Last night I dreamed of buying magic crystals and gemstones, and will take that as a good omen.

<3 Chrysilla
aka Queen of the Cat People