Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things that are left in the morning...

Last week I completed and cataloged a TON of new stuff. Then I had a party-filled weekend. And I've been home sick for this whole short work week. So no photos. Whups.

Well, now there's some photos. I broke down and picked up my camera to capture one the newest Palimpsest pieces:

P1180708 November (186)

November available on Etsy!

Enjoy! I'm probably not going out at all *this* weekend, so I hope to have more pieces photographed soon ;-)

Also, two new pieces on Etsy: April Moon and Ravens Studying Jewels ;-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Promotion: SUDDEN DEATH!

Today I am starting up a new promotion.


Ivy and Faith (049) will be on sale at 10% off for the next week (marked down from $75 to $67). If it does not sell by then, I am going to strip it for materials and/or rework it into something different.

So if you've been waiting for just the right moment to swoop down and pick it up, now might be good ;-) Or stand by and see what it turns into as it seeds later generations of art jewelry!

If you really like this piece, don't *not* buy it to spare me! If this sells, I will be able to purchase more of these materials for my next project. And you will have an awesome rosary style necklace to show off to your friends. Everybody wins!

Also, when going through stock for my last couple of craft fairs, I came upon ANOTHER stash of polymer clay necklaces. So I'm extending the polymer clay sale through the end of May at least. But hey, it's good for you guys ;-) Some of these pieces are even in the Steampunk idiom.

I hope to have at least one or two of them in the Etsy store by the end of the week, but it's also my birthday tomorrow, so I may be distracted ;-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dealin' today!

I'm at the Brooklyn Indie Market today, from 11am-6pm. Come on out and see us sometime!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Back to Palimpsest

I've completed my first two of the Palimpsest necklaces. It's a bit late to set up the lite-box, so I just put down a towel and took some lazy pics. There will be better pics when they go up on Etsy... eventually ;-)

Silk & Opium

Aventurine, amber colored glass, light green ribbon, gold & sterling findings. Actually, this one is based on the original short story of Palimpsest, which I linked to at some point in the past. Also, yay for new techniques :-D


Frosted quartz crystal, czech crystal, metal findings and charms, black ribbon. Lariat style, no clasp, VERY long. Could not find the type of coral I wanted to use for this (branchy and black, like bracken and sea weed), so I improvised with some ribbon, and it finally came together in my head when I thought of the key ring.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Examining Stature, chains will keep us together

Examining Stature [Etsy link]



Vintage pearls, vintage style glass beads, and a nice hefty magnifying glass that looks like a monacle. Very elegant, and part of my beginnings in making my own beaded chains. Later chain experiments resulted in the Casimira! Cas mark 1 at least. Muahaha.

This piece's "sisters" have both sold already. Pretty fast, actually. One to a friend who wanted it as soon as she saw the pic on my LJ, another to a regular customer and friend at a convention soon after. I think I need to make some more of these. And this one will hopefully find a friend online ;-)


Hmm. The lighting was better on that day. I think the spot where I set up my light box last weekend wasn't the best. Time for more experiments!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blood & Bones

Did a craft show on Sunday, it did not go very well. May expand on that later.

Got home and needed to do something constructive, so I got back to photographing old pieces of stock to finally get them up on Etsy.

Today's offering: Blood & Bones [Etsy link]



Doesn't he look sweet & creepy :-D

I've also rediscovered a whole bunch of polymer clay necklaces that missed the sale, so I guess I'm extending it until June now ;-) Some of them are quite gear-punk, yay.