Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Back to Palimpsest

I've completed my first two of the Palimpsest necklaces. It's a bit late to set up the lite-box, so I just put down a towel and took some lazy pics. There will be better pics when they go up on Etsy... eventually ;-)

Silk & Opium

Aventurine, amber colored glass, light green ribbon, gold & sterling findings. Actually, this one is based on the original short story of Palimpsest, which I linked to at some point in the past. Also, yay for new techniques :-D


Frosted quartz crystal, czech crystal, metal findings and charms, black ribbon. Lariat style, no clasp, VERY long. Could not find the type of coral I wanted to use for this (branchy and black, like bracken and sea weed), so I improvised with some ribbon, and it finally came together in my head when I thought of the key ring.


  1. SQUEEE!


    I think I like the second best, but the first is so elegant and fresh and spring looking....

  2. Yay, author approved! Thanx hon :-)

    So far, most people either like one or the other, rarely both. It's always interesting for me to hear the opinions.