Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More necklaces about books!

Hallo! Yes I've been lazy about posting. :-P But I've got some new shinies to show off today, both inspired by the book The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner, through the Bards & Beads community. I loved this book, I haven't laughed out loud while reading in a very long time. The characters are all very colorful, and the tale intriguing. I wish I'd joined the fencing team back in high school...

This one will be auctioned for the Interstitial Arts Foundation, of which Ms. Kushner is a member. I probably will be someday as well :-) The necklace was inspired by Katherine, who is the main character.

And this necklace is based on The Black Rose, a well known actress in the city where Katherine is coming of age. This is based on a necklace I made previously, that sprang back up in my mind as I thought about the character. I added some more rosy details and tried a different shape for the garnets:

This necklace is mineallmine, but I can copy it for commission work. In fact, any necklace on this blog (of my make) can be copied for no additional charge if it is no longer for sale, material-supplies permitting.

The auction for the first necklace will have to be delayed, as someone hacked into my eBay account over the weekend and changed all my personal info :-( But the matter is being investigated, I hope it will be resolved quickly. Can anyone recommend another auction site while I'm holding my breath?

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