Monday, October 1, 2007

Home and safe... phew!

Sorry I didn't post between the events, but I needed to hibernate for a bit. Both SalonCon and Wicked Labyrinth kicked convention butt, and I did very well for myself and for the Interstitial Arts Foundation.

Now the only question is, do I ask to be on the IAF's "friends" page as "Queen of the Cat People", Chrysilla, or my real name? They'll link my name to my website if I ask, but its always fun to be eccentric.

If you're curious:
Here is my SalonCon photo gallery,
And this is my Wicked Lab gallery, including a pic of the lovely lady who won the Other Mother necklace :-D

I have video footage of my booth kittens at Wicked Lab singing songs about selling shiny objects, but those will have to wait for now. First I need to redesign my website and start the Etsy-migration before I can wrestle around with YouTube ;-) And yes, this means I'm about to undertake a major online overhaul of shiny, just in time for the holiday shopping season (I hope!).

That also means there may be a lag in shiny postings, but I'll see what I can do. I'm going to start selling earrings online thru Etsy, so that's some new pictures you my readers have to look forward to. Also, STEAMPUNK!

And expect ... eventually ... more projects from my Bards & Beads community, especially after the New York Whole Bead Show this October. I've got three books to catch up on, yikes.

My next planned engagement is Wicked Faire in February 2008, but I'm currently waiting to hear if I've made it into the Bust Craftacular on December 8, ironically in the same space as the NYWBS.

<3 Chrysilla

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