Monday, January 7, 2008

Long time no speakey!

Sorry I've been out of the loop, my Cat People, but life has been one truckload of crazy after another. I'm about to start a graduate school program in January, along with some other hobbies, but I will be at Wicked Faire III come hell or high water (or Elder Gods), and the Dances of Vice Festival will be giving some of my work away as prizes, probably via raffle system. And if Wicked Faire ends up scheduled for the third weekend in February rather than the second, I will be at the Vice Festival as a regular attendee and ne'er do well ;-)

If you haven't yet bought your tickets for Wicked Faire, make sure to give them my name (Queen of the Cat People is fine). It makes it all the more sure that I'll be at their next event, and maybe have a bit of extra cash to throw a room party ;-).

The Etsy migration was a great success, and my main hub-website is currently a place holder, as work begins on a more professional looking gallery. But to tide you over, here's a project I completed a few weeks ago but just haven't had time to show off...

Egyptian Priestess Collar, with matching earrings. Polymer clay, goldleaf, stamps, gold ink, sterling, garnets, various Egyptian deities. I really like working in this medium, expect more polymer fun coming soon!

<3 Chrysilla

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