Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ludmilla, The Locksmith's Ghost


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The river is milky and thick as before, the cream in it a long golden ribbon. Ludmila sits primly at the head of their craft and it drifts tranquilly downsteam. She neither steers nor rows, but they keep their course. She gives him a smile like a present wrapped in red.

"I will take you anywhere you wish to go," she says brightly.

Oleg touches her foot with his foot. Her color is high in the honey-sweet wind, he has never seen her like this. She is beautiful, he realizes, she grew up to be beautiful.

Red dress, crimson lips, snow and frost woven into her red hair. The locksmith's secret sister, ghost, and muse. Inspired by characters in the book Palimspest by Catherynne M. Valente.

A key ring dangles from a chain of frosted quartz, and Czech glass in rich red, gold, and iron. From the ring hangs a blackened key and a bright gold colored lock, seemingly mismatched and yet still calling for each other, as if paired by Oleg himself.

The chain is 24 inches long, lariat style without a clasp, and the keyring and pendants hang 2.5 inches down.


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