Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Star of the Evening - Blue Goldstone Necklace

I've all but stopped purchasing new blue goldstone because it turned out to be really hard to sell. Online or in person. Photos can't quite capture the glitter, and neither can the lighting at cons, clubs, or craft fairs. I do like the subtlety, but subtle doesn't always come across well. Like the piece Pearl Wings [on Etsy!] which I still can't quite *get* in photos.

Of course I still use it in my own jewelry ;-)

Star of the Evening - P1110440

Blue goldstone, beads and a carved rose. So sparkly! Not directly inspired by Kushiel's Dart, but when I had both book and necklace completed they were a clear match :-)

This stone is man made, technically a sort of art glass. But glass is useful in amulets and talismans depending on its colors and shapes.

Queen of the Cat People, Class with a cult following.

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  1. It's beautiful in the photo... it must be stunning IRL