Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Authors like my necklaces!

This was a Solstice gift for Sara Harvey, who published her first novel, A Year and a Day, last year. It is her love letter to NYC. The Angel of Joy and the Angel of Vengeance are given the mission to live as humans in the city for a year, but Joy has a slightly different, much more secret mission to work on while she's there. And Vengeance spends most of his time being moody. Fun book! Sara is practically my guru from my NYU days. I picked up two of these temple-cats, intending to do something completely different with mine, but it looked terrible so I just copied my friend's necklace ;-) The red tigereye looks really nice with this shade of wood.

And this was a solstice gift for my local partner in crime Kim Tempest Bradford, who will be featured in the upcoming anthology Thou Shalt Not. She is a dragon-luving person, and I liked how the lapis and green garnet beads each look like a little planetoid of their own. I know in some mythologies the world was made out of a dragon, but the one I think of in terms of Tempest just lives under St. Micheal's Mount in Penzance ;-)

This was commissioned for Catherynne Valente, who's written The Orphans Tales: In the night garden among other wonderful books. Go read hers too!! I may be making some necklaces *based* on her stories in the next few months, for they are very rich in imagery. She supplied the lizard pendant, and asked me to put together a necklace based on part of a folktale she described to me, where someone brought the lizard king of copper mountain the gift of a malachite box. This is where I FINALLY stopped being a sterling snob and started experimenting with other metals. Now I love copper, and can't find many findings made from it thru my usual resources. *sigh*

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