Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Coming to a convention center near you!

First, I am the happy winner of the last challange on the Bards & Beads community. At about the same time we started reading Cat Valente's Orphan's Tales, she won the Tiptree Award for the same book. So she set us up the bar- whichever of our OT necklaces she liked best (posted by mid-May) she would purchase and wear to the ceremony. She was torn, and the other necklace was gorgeous too (I'm so jealous of people that know how to work in wire), but when she polled for help on LJ I came out the winner. Yay! So now Ms. Valente is the owner of the Ixora necklace, which will remain a QOTCP original.

Here's a pic taken by a mutual friend of ours of Ms. Valente in her full Tiptree regalia at Wiscon 31. It's gotta be an awesome ceremony if part of your award is a tiara. Congradulations!

Sadly, my finances did not balance out for me to go to Wiscon, but if I don't have the riotous good time my friends have promised me for DragonCon, I may make Wiscon next year's "big" convention. Between travel and convention expenses, each would probably cost about the same amount of $$ for me.

However, I am scheduled for several events over the next few months, some selling, some just attending:

Gothic Pirate Ball on Thursday, July 17, 2007 @ The Element/Vault which I think used to be The Bank (of legend). I will be selling jewelry there, but it's a less-vendors-more-dancing sort of event.

DragonCon, August 31st thru September 3rd 2007, in Atlanta, GA. I won't be vending, but I will be attending, and wearing as much jewelry as I can without passing out from the weight.

Camarilla Club North East Regional Event, September 13-16 in Syracuse, NY. This is a Cam Club event, and I'm not sure they'll have a dealer's room. Not sure if I'll have the energy for it anywhoo. But I will be well-costumed and bejeweled, promise ;-) If you're a fellow Cammunist, check out the Conventions page on the main Camarilla Club website.

The Salon Convention, September 22nd, in Edison, NJ. This was a blast last year! And this year the talent is even more impressive! This year my crew and I *may* host a room party the Friday nite before, but that is uncertain. Depends on who is going, and how much a suite costs, and if there are any left to begin with. I will be selling jewelry again this year.

Wicked Labyrinth, September 28-29 in Edison, NJ. They are taking over the whole hotel and doing strange and wonderous things with it, but I will be in the vendors room which is only open that Saturday.

Soooo... yes. September will be wild. I will have to sleep through August to get ready, but I think it will be worth it ;-) Still wondering if I should get real rennie garb this season, I'd certainly get a lot of use out of it.

<3 Chrysilla

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  1. Just droppin by to say hello. Maybe next year, I'll go to the B&B show, too...