Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Orphan's Tales, round 3

The Maidenhead, based on the pirate ship of the same name. Rich reds and natural bone beads, with a bit of far Eastern flavor.

Satyrs <3 Selkies!
Just go read the book, this one's a lovely story ;-) I wanted to encorporate the woodland life of the satyrs with the sea dwelling selkies, in necklace form.

And that's not all, I have even more pieces coming later!

In other news, my Ixora necklace won the challange set by Catherynne Valente on the Bards and Beads community. If delivery goes as planned, she will be wearing it for the Tiptree Award Ceremony at Wiscon this weekend. Thanx Catherynne!

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