Thursday, September 20, 2007

Snaaake! Snaaake! Aaaah, it's a snaaake!!

When your natural response to nerves is to work, it's hard trying to convince oneself "You don't have to make any more shinies for the cons this month, take a break!" So this is part of me trying to convince myself, bear with me ;-)

Here are some more pieces with those nice wood pendants:

I thought snakes would be a good theme for the goth-ish conventions I like to do business with, though I usually use an earthy color palate for the wooden charms.

I'm gonna need a longer display board for all these lariat necklaces. But I guess that fits the snake motif.

This one isn't a lariat, I thought this cute compact little bat would suit a choker lenght necklace. And you can't go wrong with onyx and garnet, it's a fruit bat! ;-)

I still have a few wooden charms that I just can't figure out. One is a pair of kitties playing, another is a mommy and baby seal cuddling. Sometimes it just takes a while for a piece to come together, other times a piece or material just comes unbidden to your mind.

In other news, I've decided that after my September events I'll be moving all my stock to Etsy, because my website just isn't working out as a store. I'll still have this blog, and the website will become my portfolio, all neatly linked together.

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