Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Square pegs... I mean beads

Salon Con approaches, and I can't stop making earrings. I think it's a nerves thing. Tho there isn't actually anything to be nervous about, it's a nice con :-)

Square beads are fun :-D

Another necklace scrapped and reborn! I like working with chips, now that I've got hte hang of it. One trick is to not measure the number of chips, but the actual lenght of each section of chips.

This one isn't about square beads, but I like it anyway. I wanted to do a Halloweenie type necklace, since I had yet another lovely bat pendant. Samhainey too, if you like ;-) I also have more wooden bat pendants, and snakes too. Will post those tomorrow.

I've had kindof a rough summer. Can I call do-over? On the other hand, it resulted in some really nice shinies.

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