Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Salon Convention!

So as I understand it, there is lots going on this weekend. Fannish events, fighting events, cosplay events. However, many of these seem to be out doors, and in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, PA) September is a tricky month for weather.

So if it's too wet for you to wear your silk and chain mail outside this weekend, come down to Sommerset NJ for The Salon Convention on Saturday September 13th!

Corsets! Kilts! Kimonos! Evening wear! Day wear! Underwear (pls check the dress code on that one)! Ballgowns and masks! Victorian! Goth! Lolita! Steampunk! Art Noveau! Pleather and lace!

Not to mention a whole day of programming. There will be salons, readings by famous authors, a performance by NY Jedi, a performance by the White Elephant Burlesque Troupe, a BPAL meetup, concerts, a cream tea, a masked ball, and horseshoes! Furthermore, a hall full of vendors of fine wearable art and decorative objects!

Catherynne Valente! Abney Park! Queen of the Cat People! ;-)

Why not you?

It's better than catching consumption out in the rain. TRUST me on this.

See you there :-)

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