Friday, January 9, 2009

Back from limbo, again!

Eeek, sorry I've been away. I was house hunting for several months, but now I'm back. And *almost* closed on a deal for a co-op in Queens. Once I get the new home (and the new workshop! SQUEE!) set up, there will be a LOT more action goin' on here :-)

In the next few months, Catherynne Valente's new book Palimpsest is coming out (trust the link, it's an unsubtle story waiting to happen), which means I'll have a lot more storybook pieces to work on. Also, some fun commission work is coming together.

To tide you over, I <3 these Etsy Widgets!

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<3 Chrysilla


  1. How do you keep it up? hunting,keeping up w your blog and your lovely etsy shop..
    Happy Friday!

  2. MDD, Thanx! I <3 your little penguins!!

    Greeting, Thanxx2! I also <3 your little bears!

    And, um, I'm not really keeping it up lately. There's been a lot of reposting and now much new material, because I had to pack all my craft supplies. But once the new place is set up, I plan to have more time to work on all these things.

  3. nice...i wanna have a workshop too with a studio apartment...though i have no idea what i'll do in the workshop...yet :D

  4. Oooh..."Royal Glow" is particularly elegent. I love the color. Very nice...