Friday, June 4, 2010

Elegant Cats Friday!

Getting back into the habit of boosting the signal ;-)

From the shop Spirited Gifts on Etsy,

Poised Feline

From the artist of Spirited Gifts:

Ancient cultures used bone to make tools, ceremonial objects, and adornments. Whale, moose, eagle, and many other animal bones were used depending on their location.

I carved this feline buffalo bone then applied a gold inlay. The bone has very fine grain and is dense. This allows a high gloss finish. This pendant comes with an 18" antique silver plated chain which has a lobster claw clasp and is packaged in a fine satin gift pouch.

Although I repeat designs, no two are exactly alike. I carve each piece individually and they are all original and signed.

Go shopping, people! It's Friday!

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