Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stringing Beads, Lighting Candles

For the past couple of months I've been working on jewelry again, but also looking around the online "scene" at what's been going on while I was on hiatus.

At the very beginning of my tenure as a jewelry businessperson, I worked mainly with Pagan jewelry and making talismans. It didn't work out so well at the time, unfortunately. But now I'm a bit older, maybe wiser, and it looks like there is a community that might be more interested in that kind of "craft" work ;-)

I spent a few years researching stone, gem, and metal lores. Followed by alchemical study in college. I also have some knowledge on color therapy, chakra work, and totem lore that could use some polishing up.

Like sterling silver, knowledge can tarnish if you don't wear it often enough. So I'm going to start putting these techniques back into practice.

Keep an eye out, I'm probably going to reorganize my Etsy shop a little bit, and edit some of the item descriptions along these lines.

As visual charms and cues go, jewelry can be a huge kicker. Regardless of whether or not it is actually blessed or charged. Its an everyday sort of magic that I think people take too much for granted.

Strategic Sorcery just wrote up an excellent post on the subject, with men's fashions rather than jewelry, but the same general idea: The Magic of the Necktie.

Stay tuned for more shinies!

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