Thursday, February 3, 2011

April (Rabbit!) Moon

April Moon

[For sale here on Etsy!]


Coral, Czech crystals, Chinese wood pendant, sterling silver findings. A basket of bunnies hanging amidst the branches of an early April night. Wood dark with mist and frost, budding with the first pale colors of early spring. 18 inches long at the collar.


Based on the song April Fools Day by S.J. Tucker!

Carrot casts the circle round
and Rabbit rules the afternoon.
Keep your leaping summer fires--
We revel 'neath an April moon!

If you aren't buying anything from my shop today, please go to S.J. Tucker's website and purchase some fantastic music ;-)

And have a happy Chinese New Year! Today starts Year of the Rabbit, or Year of the Cat depending on your tradition ;-)

Also... I really wish it was April already. Even though we sometimes get April snow in NYC.

Queen of the Cat People, class with a cult following.

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