Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The mirror crack'd from side to side...

What I'm wearing to Wicked Faire this weekend!


Decided to Steampunk (It should be a verb by now, right?) a poem called The Lady of Shalott for one of my costumes. As per usual, I started with jewelry and props will come later ;-)


Crackled glass shards, small glass cabs, copper wire, and silver plated copper wire.


I'm not sure that I really like these glass shards. The package was correct and they are not sharp, but they do make a crunching noise when I work with them that worries me. Very fragile materials. I might use the rest in personal pieces, but not for the Etsy store. Although if anyone has alternative products I'd be happy to hear :-)

Queen of the Cat People, Class with a cult following.

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  1. This one has a particularly nice look to it. I hope you'll post some action shots. :)