Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gump Gump!

Gump Gump
[For sale here on Etsy!]


Adorable ! Little black stone frogs with Czech crystal, clear quartz, and snowflake obsidian beads.

Earrings are two inches long, with sterling silver ear wires and findings.

Frogs as totems and spirit animals teach lessons in rejuvenation and replenishment, healing and learning through osmosis, fertility, balance, creativity, and metamorphosis. Snowflake obsidian is also a stone that encourages balance, and black stones often have a grounding influence.

These earrings could be used as a "go with the flow" talisman, to help ground oneself for a period of transformation. Good for changing habits and learning new life patterns.

Queen of the Cat People, Class with a cult following.

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