Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seed Bead Maddness

THREE new pieces up! But now I need to photograph more tomorrow to keep up this momentum.

Embers and Ash (on Etsy)
Rose not included, and I hope that doesn't cause any confusion. Tho it does give me an idea for something new ;-)

Tiger Sheen (on Etsy)
This one was inspired by my research of Victorian hairwork jewelry, waaay back for SalonCon no.1. I didn't really want to learn that craft, but I always felt that tiger "eye" looked more like the sheen of tiger-fur.

Over Sea and Sky (on Etsy)
Yaaay, more Steampunk inspirations.

On Thursday I finished my first new piece of jewelry in the new apartment! A commission for a friend that we can hope I remember to photograph before I hand it over ;-) And today I did a TON of bead shopping. Should be set for a few months. Hopefully I'll have some more pieces ready for my "Songs and Stories" shop section by next weekend!

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