Monday, June 1, 2009

Dream yourself to death...

I have assaulted Etsy with more darkness. Hurrah.

Casimira, Dressed in Green [Etsy link]

Matriarch of Palimpsest, lady, general, temptress, teacher, lost little girl.

She wears a severe dress, just the sort of thing a governess might wear, green-black from throat to floor, clasped by an enormous copper wasp at her collarbone... Her curly hair is piled high, an artful, decorous shade of green, deeper than emeralds or water, a sedate and proper color. It is the exact shade of her eyes...

Deep green ribbon with onyx, green Czech glass, metallic Czech crystals, dainty antique brass colored insects, black cinnabar hearts, sterling heart toggle clasp, and a black cinnabar cameo.

Based on the character by the same name in Palimpsest, a novel by Catherynne M. Valente. And the sister album Quartered by S.J. Tucker.

P1180831 187 Casimira

P1180759  Casimira (187)

P1180725  Casimira (187)

I ended up getting a lot of them, but I don't think any really captured the deep vibrant green of the ribbons. I've been having a lot of other problems with my camera lately, usually when my photos are either blurry or grainy.

And if you luv Palimpsest, or don't but would like to know what the hell I've been mooning over for the last several months:
Cat Valente and her touring partner S.J. Tucker will be putting on their Palimpsest performance of prose and song tomorrow night in NYC. It's the last show of the tour that started in Brooklyn. But this time it's at South Street Seaport, ON A PIRATE SHIP. June 2nd @ 7pm. How can you miss that and live with yourself?!?
For more info: The New York Review of Science Fiction, Readings

Stay tuned for more Palimpsest pieces, anon.

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