Monday, June 29, 2009

Silk & Opium: New and On Sale!

For sale on Etsy [link], just marked down from $42 to $33. Part of the Summer Reading List Sale :-D

Silk & Opium

P1180849  Silk & Opium 183

I stood on a boulevard paved with prim orange poppies, and suddenly I tasted brandy rolling down my throat, and pale smoke filling up my lungs. My green-scarved quarter was savoring her snifter and her opium somewhere far from me.

Inspired by the short story Palimpsest, free to read online:

A pale green ribbon flows around and over beads of green aventurine and golden yellow glass. 18.5 inches long with a 14k gold toggle clasp finishing the ends.

This is actually the first Palimpsest item I was inspired to make. There will be more ribbon necklaces, and bracelets, in the future. Possibly without the arcane associations ;-)


  1. I remember seeing that necklace awhile ago!
    It's still as beautiful as every =]

  2. Oh... whups. Thanx tho :-) Also, this is a better picture than it woulda been before.

    I will fill out your questions ... soon. I am having trouble keeping up with my beady friends these days, sorry!