Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bast Pentacle Earrings

Bast Pentacle Earrings
[For sale here on Etsy]


Several of my friends have fallen in lust with this set, which is appropriate ;-)

Fine handmade wire wrapped earrings. Sterling silver Bast pentacle and tiny pentacle, with large and small lapis beads and frosted quartz crystal. Ear hooks are also sterling silver, and the wire is silver plated.

The pentacle is a common symbol in pagan circles, relating to the five elements, mastery of the four elements, etc. But it also relates to the orbit of the planet Venus, the five terminating points of the human body, and the five wounds of Christ. This symbol can be found in many different cultures around the world. Like Crowley said, in one of his more lucid moments, "Every man and every woman is a star in the sky."

In Egyptian myth, stories of Bast range widely from solar to lunar, warrior to lover. In modern times this feline figure is often revered as a goddess of love and pleasure. And felines, of course.

Lapis lazuli, called the Stone of the Heavens by ancient Egyptains, is deep blue fleked with golden pyrite inclusions. It is a stone of mental awareness, intellect, and psychic abilities related to the sixth chakra. Associated also with the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Saggitarius, and the Virgin Mary, lapis also encourages love and kindness, a charitable and giving spirit, and radiation of the Will. This stone brings a clarity and peace of mind reflective of the deep, dark blue of the night sky glittering with stars.

Clear quartz, or rock crystal, is popular with New Age and magical practitioners for its ability to receive, store, amplify, and transmit energy. It is also used in modern technology for its ability to store and transmit electricity. It is associated with the seventh chakra for its clarity, reflecting and encouraging clarity and focus of the human mind, and it is considered to be a source and reflection of the divine light.

I did nicely photograph a couple of items before I got sick ... last YEAR... so I uploaded them to Etsy. These earrings and the next necklace post. This winter I took sub-par photos of the pieces I made for Wicked Faire which I may post here for posterity. However, they are not up on Etsy yet.

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