Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slytherin Formal necklace

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Black ribbon weaves around rich dark onyx, black lava, and wire wrapped green goldstone, with dark green Czech crystals and a carved horn pendant. Includes a sterling silver toggle clasp and silver plated wire.


Onyx is a stone of grounding and balance, relating to the first Chakra and balanced Yin and Yang energies. It can encourage and attract happiness, good fortune, and higher inspiration, as well as reduce stress and encourage self control.


While some cultures associate the color black with death and decay, it was also associated with fertility and potential by the Ancient Egyptians, because of the fertile black silt left on their lands by the ebb and tide of the Nile River.


Green is often associated with wealth, good luck, tranquility, money, growth, and ecology. In flags and heraldry, green is often used to represent the health and abundance of a nation's own land. However, it often appears in Celtic folklore to represent, attract, or warn about the presence of faerie in human territory. In the case of Slytherin House, it probably also mirrors ambition-fueled jealousies and a desire for wealth and abundance, in addition to magical forces.

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