Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still alive, promise!

Hello cobwebby web blog, I apologize for my continued absence!

On the downside, my exhaustion, brain fog, and lethargy went on much longer than September. It is actually still going on. I went to the doctor around Thanksgiving to ask if I had a hypothyroid disorder, because those run in my family. After many tests, some of which were botched or gave false positives and had to be done over, she finally called back in early January. "Actually, your thyroid is a tiny bit high. But did you know you had mono once?" Um... no? "Yeah, you don't have it right now, but you tested positive for the antibodies."

Now our working theory is that back in March-April 2011, when I had one very long-lasting sinus infection followed quickly by two smaller ones, I also or actually had mono. And the thing about mono is that there is no real treatment for it other than to stay home and sleep, the disease burns itself out within about a month. When it burns itself out, however, it burns you out with it. Many people get it actively for a month, but then don't feel up to snuff again for six months to a year afterwards. For some folks it becomes a chronic condition. But the good news is that I know what it is (was?) now, and the cause was no where near as bad as I feared.

I am the sort of person that feels most fulfilled, happy, and stable when they are doing things. When I feel stuck in a rut, I go out and do something new and different. Putting me in a situation where I physically and mentally can't go out and do new things, or even keep up with my usual things, is my own Special Hell. In fact, the only treatment for this condition is to not do things! So aside from the physical problems, I'm driving myself 'round the bend too.

I read up on Spoon Theory, and in counting my own spoons realized I had the energy for either jewelry production *or* internet marketing. Not to mention my camera is also out of whack. So I opted to make lots of new stock for Wicked Faire 2012, and that turned out to be a good and profitable decision. Faire was great this year! I'm glad I am getting back in the saddle for vending at events, but I still spent most of it sitting behind my table and let the con come to me.

Between con prep, some anxieties at work, and more anxieties at home, I was badly drained for the weeks following Faire. Again I put aside my writing and jewelry projects and opted for my less brain-active sewing habits (not to say that sewing is not creative, I see lots of people do incredible things with it, but I just match fabric + pattern and press buttons). And soon I will have to put all that away again to make more shiny things, because...

Good news: I have been accepted as a vendor for Steampunk World's Faire this May! My birthday is also that Saturday, so yay for being surrounded by my fellow costumed weirdos on my special day!

Less good news: That means putting production of shiny things over photos, Etsy, and blogging for a few more weeks or months until I'm feeling better.

Hopefull news: At *last* year's Wicked Faire, a fortune teller told me that I'd be sick for most of 2011. This year she told me I'd be feeling better within six months, and back to normal by next year. I was feeling a lot better after Winter Break, actually, but all that energy dribbled away again by late Februrary.

I really can't plan or forecast what's going to happen with my blog, twitter account, or Etsy shop. There is no plan to quit or take anything down, but I can't begin to guess when I'll have the energy and not-foggy brain to keep up with them again. Maybe next week, maybe this summer, maybe not until 2013. But I will still be making the shiny things, off grid for a while :-)

<3 Chrysilla

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  1. congrats on a successful Wicked Faire and on the Steampunk's World Faire. And do what works for you!