Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Enter the Dreaming City

Not only is it Mardi Gras, it's


Palimpsest, a novel by Catherynne M. Valente, is finally available in stores.

I've made so many pieces of jewelry based on her books, and I've already made one based on the short story of Palimpsest from Paper Cities:
P1170448 - Casimira
Casimira, dressed in green. Handmade chains of green goldstone, semiprecious stones, buttons, bones, wood, sticks, a copper magnifying glass, and spiraling green seed beads. Featuring polymer clay creature molds.
(Forgive the picture, I need to unpack my light box!)

Once I'm done with moving, I suspect there will be many more Palimpsest shinies to follow. I can't remember the name, but one reviewer applauded her use of "jeweled language," in all of her stories. That's probably why her work is so inspiring to jewelry artisans ;-)

Now that I think of it, the necklace I made custom for Catherynne is also very Casimira-like...
098a - Copper Mountain
In Malachite, copper, glass, steel, and sterling, with a happily curling lizard.
(Wow. My photo skillz have improved drastically over the years.)

Tomorrow is the Palimpsest launch party, with C.M.V. AND S.J. Tucker, at the Brooklyn Lyceum in NYC. Tickets are $10 (You can buy them online, follow the link!), and I'll be selling literary-based jewelry at the event, including pieces based on C.M.V.'s books The Orphans Tales, and a few "tickets" to Palimpsest ;-)

If my words and pictures alone can't move you to attend, listen to Ms. Tucker's new album Quartered, based on Palimpsest. It will be even more awesome live, I promise! And this is just the beginning of their book tour, so check out C.M.V.'s website for more shows in your area!


  1. Such beautiful work! Wow. Have fun unpacking!

  2. Thanx Cathe and The!

    The book is awesome! And the short story version I linked to is free to read ;-)