Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures of Palimpsest

Wow, what an awesome party :-D Reading, singing, dancing, burlesque, suspension art, bondage, chocolate, tophats, tea. I don't think I can frame it all in words, so hear are my pictures:
May not be safe for work.

The best part:

The Authoress and the Songstress
Book + Music = OTP

Cat even signed my copy,
For Cris, whose jewels live and walk.
Yep, that's the idea ;-)

Second best part:

People recognizing me by my necklace ;-)

Last I heard, the first printing of the book is almost sold out, after barely four days. So go read the short story for free, get hooked, and clamor to Amazon for the book. (I'm too tired right now to hunt for the links again, they're on a post earlier this week.)

With luck, I'll have some small Palimpsest themed pieces on my Etsy store by early next week. But I'll have to hold out on more until after I move. *angst* At least I can sketch them down in my little notepad until I have the time.

Also, I've decided to give up purchasing beads for Lent. I had my party on Ash Wednesday instead of Fat Tuesday, but it works. Even though I'm not a Catholic, or a Christian, I respect the art of sacrifice in daily life. And with my home problems, its a financially sound idea.

Thus the earliest pieces of Palimpsest will be made out of items from my formidable stash of craft supplies. Or out of other things than beads. Ironically, I'll be out of town during the New York Whole Beads Show, on a train trip with CMV and Sooj ;-)

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